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HTTP Cookies Policy

This "HTTP Cookies Policy" shows what "HTTP Cookies" are and how they are used here.


What are HTTP Cookies ?

HTTP Cookies are key-value pairs of textual information generated by The Website and stored by The Web Browser on your device.

Extensive information about HTTP Cookies is available in the following WikiPedia article:

, including a definition of what "HTTP Cookies" are, what are the different types "HTTP cookies", what they can be used for, and more.

The Platform

This website is hosted on a content publishing platform called "My-Tribune.org" .

The Platform is responsible for the software which allows the content publishing. More information about the platform can be found on its website:

The Content and The Author

The Platform delegates permissions to publish content (referred to as "The Content") via The Platform to a specific person called "The Author". The Author is responsible for The Content published by him/her.

The Website

The Content published via The Platform can be accessed via a website. This Website is managed by The Platform and we call it "The Website". The Website's DNS name can be delegated by The Platform for Author's use or it can be managed externally and registered to The Platform by The Author.

The Visitor / You

"The Visitor" is a person who accesses The Website. We can also refer to The Visitor as "You" .

The Web Browser

The Visitor can use a computer software to access The Website's resources. This software is typically called a "web browser" but it can be can be a different type of computer software. We call the software used to access The Website "The Web Browser".

Third Parties

The Content can refer to or include resources published by Third Parties. The Author is responsible for the usage of Third Party resources in The Content.

Usage of HTTP Cookies on this website

HTTP Cookies used by The Platform

Certain actions on The Platform are only granted to registered users. Such actions include(but are not limited to) comment posting and content management. In order The Visitor to authenticate to The Platform a session is created by The Platform and then exchanged between the The Web Browser and The Website.

A session can also be required for other actions performed by The Visitor on The Platform. This includes(but is not limited to) e.g. e-mail address verification via the contact form.

Such sessions are tracked via HTTP Session Cookies.

HTTP Cookies used by The Author

The Content can link or refer external resources which are served by Third Parties. These external resources can also use HTTP Cookies.

It is The Author's responsibility to provide further information for Third Party HTTP Cookies usage in The Content.

The Visitor's choice regarding HTTP Cookies

If You prefer to avoid the use of HTTP Cookies on The Website, You can disable the use of HTTP Cookies in The Browser for The Website (or for all websites). You can also delete the HTTP Cookies saved in The Browser associated with The Website.

Please note that some parts of The Website may now work as intended if the usage of HTTP Cookies is disabled.

For more information on how to delete the stored HTTP Cookies or disabling the usage of HTTP Cookies please refer to the resources of the software that you are using (The Web Browser).

Further information

If you require further information in regard to this policy you can use the contact forms on The Website or on The Platform.

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